Different Sized Feet

Believe it or not, having one foot larger than the other is quite common. For about 60% of the population, a foot measure device (brannock device) will tell them they have different sized feet (most of the time the left foot is bigger). But different sized shoes are not necessary for all of these people. If one of your feet is half a size longer (for example: if your right foot is a size 8 and your left foot is a size 7.5) or one width size bigger, different sized shoes are not necessary for you. You just need to fit the shoes to the larger foot.

Even if one of your feet is a full size longer than the other, you do not have to buy mismatched shoes. The difference between full sizes is only 1/3 of an inch and the difference between widths is 1/8 of an inch. Please use discretion and personal medical history when deciding on the most affordable and comfortable choice for you.

Note: If your feet have more than 1 1/2 size in length difference, you will have to wear mismatched shoes.

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