Crazy Random Animal Facts

  • It takes 4 hours to hardboil an ostrich egg
  • You have fewer muscles than a caterpillar
  • Giraffes have no vocal cords
  • Most birds eat twice their body weight each day
  • A group of whales is called a pod
  • Kiwi birds are blind
  • Armadillos can walk underwater
  • The bones of a pigeon weigh less than its feathers
  • The cheetah is the only cat that can’t retract it’s claws
  • Roosters can’t crow if they can’t fully extend their necks
  • Dolphins can hear underwater sounds from 24km (15miles) away
  • Flamingos can only eat when their heada are upside down
  • The fingerprints of koala bear are indistinguishable to that of a human
  • A female ferret is called a jill
  • Porcupines float in water
  • There are 2 chickens for every person
  • The penguin is the only bird that can’t fly but can swim
  • There are a million ants for every person on Earth
  • Coconuts kill over 150 people each year (more than sharks)
  • Emus can’t walk backwards

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