A site for anything random on the web. Whether they’re interesting facts, bits of useless information, strange pictures or funny videos you’ll never know what may show up here.

Who is Random Anything?
Random Anything is produced by some every day web surfers who just happen to stumble across interesting things on the web  – and decided to post them on it’s own website.

How do you know all those facts?
We don’t. We find them on the web.

Did you take all those pictures you post?
No, we “borrow” pictures from websites all over the internet. While we try to give credit to everyone we sometimes miss a few. If you find one of your own photos and would like credit. Just ask us and we’ll add it. Or if you want it removed, we’ll do that too.

Can I submit something random?
Absolutely! Just fill out the form.

How do I become an editor for Random Anything?
We’re currently not adding any new editors, however if you’d like to send us something to post, you can do so here.

Can I follow you on Twitter?
Yes. View our twitter page.

What is Todd Bridges up to these days?
What you talkin ’bout Willis? He’s still acting – according to Wikipedia. (This
site has no affiliation with Todd Bridges – it’s a random question. Get it?)

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